Obamanon v. Clinton Inc.: Co-Frontrunners

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are locked in a dead head in the latest Rassmusen poll (there's a two point difference/four point margin of error).

The trend lines have got to be troubling the Clinton camp. Hillary started near 40% and has drifted into the low thirties, as Obama started in the low 20s and continues to climb steadily. Edwards, meanwhile, remains camped out in the mid-teens, as he has throughout the polling to date.

Interesting side note: After a strong performance in the MoveOn town hall last week, Bill Richardson has taken a big leap in a DailyKos straw poll, clocking in at a strong 13 percent behind Obama (25%) and Edwards (42%). Further evidence of Hillary's struggles among the Netroots activists: She comes in sixth, behind "Other" and "No F'in Clue".