Jon Stewart: Wisconsin Actually Likes 'the Tyrant-y, Union-Cutting Guy'

On last night's Daily Show, Jon Stewart offered his read of Gov. Scott Walker's recall victory in Wisconsin on Tuesday. The voters spoke, and what they said was this: "Oh sorry, you didn't hear us the first time?  Yeah yeah, we said we like the tyrant-y union-cutting guy.  He's our guy ... like we said sixteen months ago."

Stewart also pointed out that news networks on election night "functioned less ... as repositories of news and analysis and more as extensions of the winning or losing campaigns."  On the one hand, "Fox went with GloatFest 2012": Democrats had been "routed," "trumped," or "spanked; as for Obama, his "goose is cooked."  Meanwhile, "if Fox was high," MSNBC must be "MSNB ... sad," having already gone through the three stages of grief: denial, denial, and denial. The race was "tight." And the big winner? Obama, of course.  Watch: