Hillary's $o$

Either everybody's doing it, or Hillary's got trouble too.

She even brought out Bill for the Big Ask:

Just eight days from now, Hillary's campaign faces its first crucial test: the March 31 FEC deadline. The report her campaign files will set the tone for the rest of the year, and it is absolutely critical to her success.

Please make a crucial donation today, before the deadline is up.

I realize that this is an extraordinary request, but this is an extraordinary election. With primaries and caucuses coming earlier and faster than ever before, the support you give today will go a long way toward victory.

I know what exhilarating, difficult work it is to run for president, and I know that Hillary is up to the challenge. Please join me today and stand with her. You'll always be proud you did.

That March 31 deadline is approaching fast, and Hillary needs your help.

Please donate today:



Bill Clinton