Day Five of the Great American Fake-Off: Your Last Chance to Be the Decider!

Earlier in the week, it looked like Jon Stewart was going to school his former bat-boy Stephen Colbert all over again. By Wednesday Stephen Colbert was soiling his panties, staring uphill at a daunting 2-1 deficit with only two days left to play. But Colbert Nation came out in force, slapping Stewart's faithful upside their collective head, and taking Thursday in a landslide of truthiness. Today the score stands at 2-2, with just one inning left to play. Hollywood couldn't dream up an ending like this.

Today's topic, appropriately enough: The election. Compare the clips, and vote below...your voting finger will turn purple when your vote has successfully logged. We're going to leave the polls open all weekend so please, tell your friends.

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>> PLUS: Tune in November 7th for our full election coverage.