Caroline Kennedy and the Age of Polebrity

We can all agree that nepotism stinks and that dynastic politics are corrosive for our democracy. But if you look at Caroline Kennedy's senatorial pretensions pragmatically she makes a damn good choice for New York.

The state is in the throes of economic misery, has a governor who is mocked ruthlessly on SNL, is losing Hillary to the State Department, and is left with Wall Street stooge Chuck Schumer.

As a rookie Senator -- in a body that has just lost two of its biggest names, and is about to lose its lion in Uncle Teddy -- Caroline's polebrity brings with it the mojo to accomplish far more for New York than a more credibly seasoned politician entering at the bottom rungs of the hierarchical Senate could ever hope to get done.

And really, to those who say she's unqualified... Three words: Senator Al Franken.