Campaign Roundup: Obama Winning Money Primary, Losing Media One

President Barack Obama speaks at the Asheville Regional Airport in Fletcher, North Carolina. Credit: JEWEL SAMAD/AFP/Getty Images

Money, media, momentum – today's campaign 2012 roundup has it all.

• President Obama hit the road to talk up his jobs plan in the must-win battleground states of Virginia and North Carolina, where tough economic times have eroded his popularity. [Politico]

• For all his troubles, the president still knows from raising money; his campaign had $61 million on hand as of September 30, and has spent more on payroll than several of the GOP contenders combined. [NYT]

• Meanwhile, Mitt Romney and Rick Perry have pulled away from the GOP pack in the money primary, having raised $14 million and $17 million in the third quarter. One big difference: Romney's fundraising numbers are trending up, Perry's, down. (For comparison: Struggling Newt Gingrich pulled in less than a million.) [NPR]

• Obama aide David Axelrod says Herman Cain isn't a serious contender, saves his energy for dissing Mitt Romney. [Politico]

• Herman Cain, for all his "outsider" cred, goes way back with those conservative insiders par excellence the Koch brothers. [AP]

• So much for the liberal media: the presidential candidate whose gotten the most consistently negative press in recent months is ... Barack Obama. And by a long way. [Pew Center for Excellence in Journalism]