Barack the Vote?

The contrast with Hillary Clinton's announcement couldn't have been more stark.

Far from the cozy confines of any livingroom, on a frigid morning, in front of the statehouse where Lincoln made his name, before a mixed crowd of 17,000 chanting "O-ba-ma! O-ba-ma!," Barack Obama officially declared his candidacy.

The morning had the whiff of history to it. Obama staked his claim to being a candidate of vision and transformation, decrying the smallness of politics with all the charisma of Hillary's husband, and a fearless embrace of the future — and our shared responsibility for that future — that was positively Kennedyesque.

I think it's a 5 point speech, in terms of poll bounce. Judging from the sluggishness when you hit the "donate" button at, it might just be worth $5 million too.

Did you catch the speech? What did you think.