All the News That Fits. . . Terror in Philippines, FBI Can't Speak Arabic, Alaska Refuses Chavez Largesse and More

  • An ally in the so-called War on Terror, the Philippines suffers bombing by Al-Qaeda-linked terrorists. More attacks in urban areas expected to come.
  • Within U.N. Security Council, no consensus on how to approach rambunctious North Korea. China joins Japan, US, in support of punitive sanctions but insists on more limited severity, and rules out military option.
  • Virginian Senatorial candidates Allen and Webb bicker and taunt in their final debate. Democratic leadership finally pours its coffers into the tightening race, a centerpiece for the nationwide power shift.
  • Test reveals that just 33 of the FBI's 12,000 Agents can speak even basic Arabic. Of that small minority, none are assigned to counter-terrorism teams.
  • Impoverished by high cost of heating, struggling Alaskan villages nevertheless refuse oil grants from Venezuelan Bush-basher Hugo Chavez, citing their patriotic duty to an unpopular president. Gas is up to $7.25 a gallon in some parts of the oil-rich state, where the price of common goods is inseparable from the costs of shipping.