All the News That Fits ... Sunni-Shiite Marriages in Hot Water, Tensions Simmer in the Pacific

  • Virginia Senator George Allen's lead has vanished as his reelection bid sinks into ever deeper'macaca'. Presidential bid off the table?
  • With the North Korean threat in mind, the U.S. Pacific Command is launching a $14 billion operation to relocate 10,000 Marines to the strategic island of Guam.
  • Meet the Insurgents: Sunni-Shiite intermarriage has long been considered the glue that held this multi-ethnic nation together. But the Washington Post reports that these marriages are increasingly on the outs, with Shiite gentlemen callers receiving death threats from would be Sunni in-laws and long standing marriages rushing headlong towards divorce. Said the manager of a romance radio station, "Everyone is just taking sides to prepare for a big civil war."
  • The dip in post-9/11 air travel delayed and weakened the 2001-2002 flu season, proving what scientists say is an inconvenient truth in the age of bird flu: "airlines are a hotbed of infection."

[With Rolling Stone]