All The News That Fits. . . Peace Tenuous in Sudan, Pope Goes Byzantium

  • Ohio Republican Bob Ney pleads guilty; outgoing House member faces 27 months in the big house. One congressman down in the Jack Abramoff investigation. Who's next?
  • Politico in training George Clooney appears before the UN urging nations to sidestep the Sudanese government and end the genocide. Sudan says it will not accept international interference. (See our story, "The Tragedy in Darfur.")
  • The Pope inflames Islamic street by quoting a crusading, 14th century, Byzantine emperor; offers a weak apology.
  • Tohono O'odham, native inhabitants of southern Arizona for centuries, are feeling the sting of the region's anti-immigrant backlash as feds mistake them for illegals.
  • Bluto's revenge: FDA warns spinach-lovers to trash their bagged greens; fifty people in eight states have fallen ill from E. coli.

[With Rolling Stone]