All the News That Fits. . . Iran's Modern War Toys, Panama Joins UN Security Council and More

  • Practice makes perfect: Iran flexes hi-tech military muscle over 10 days of war games, launching nuke-capable missiles to unnerve the west. Off the coast, US-allied warships stage dress rehearsal for anti-Iranian embargo.
  • Guatemala, Venezuela end contentious bid for UN security council seat with a compromise: Let Panama have it.
  • New York Times Poll: Seven out of every ten Americans say Bush does not have a plan to end this war. Responders predict Democrat-dominated congress would leave Iraq sooner, raise minimum wage, slash health care and prescription drug costs, and, as always — raise taxes.
  • Word from Guantanamo: captives overwhelmingly participated in last month's Ramadan, fasting by day, a couple hunger-striking by night. Red Cross reps came by, offered detainees chance to send home holiday cards.