All the News That Fits. . . Grand Ol' Gay Marriage Party, Unrest in Mexico, Congo Votes and More

  • After more than four decades of recurring civil wars — the most recent bout was the bloodiest conflict since World War II — millions of Congolese turn out to peacefully cast ballots in their first presidential election since the promising days of liberation.
  • Kosovo is "an integral part of Serbia," according to the nation's new referendum-approved constitution, a crucial step towards democratization.
  • Iraqi PM snaps at US ambassador, declaring"I am a a friend to the United States, but not America's man in Iraq."
  • Mexican riot police battle leftist demonstrators in the barricaded roads of picturesque Oaxaca, a popular tourist city. Five-month old protests concern the local government's endemic corruption and repressive policies.
  • Israeli President refuses to resign following police-backed charges of fraud, illegal wiretapping and rape.
  • Endangered GOP candidates change focus to gay marriage, where the post-New Jersey ruling backlash may lift their fortunes.