All the News That Fits...Google & Apple Poised for World Domination

  • Fresh outta New Orleans, Bush changes the subject.
  • N.O. Mayor Ray Nagin is off to NYC for a two-day pitch to the business community; fate of the Crecent City tags along for the ride.
  • Ohio secratary of state Ken Blackwell delays destruction of paper ballots from 2004 presidential election as investigators cite incidences of "ballot stuffing," "tampering" and "massive and unprecedented voter irregularities and anomalies" in the 2004 election. And in his latest email, Kerry, echos the claim.
  • (See Rolling Stone issue 1007 for a profile of Blackwell and his efforts to tilt the tables in his favor in the state's gubernatorial race, and the RFK Jr. piece that made it safe to talk about election fraud in Ohio here.)
  • Google, Apple reaching out to form world's fastest, sleekest, sexiest coorporate partnership.

[With Rolling Stone]