All the News That Fits...Bush in New Orleans, Fox Loses Numbers and More

  • One year after the storm, Bush motorcades through a devastated New Orleans; delivers speech from Jackson Square, stops by Fats Domino's, and vows to restore the "soul" of the city.
  • Rumsfeld speaks out against terrorists "manipulating the media, " says, "that's the thing that keeps me up at night."
  • Any takers? NYC's Stuyvesant Town/Peter Cooper Village for sale. Rent likely to skyrocket, working class residents likely to pack their bags in what will probably be the biggest real estate transaction in modern American history
  • Fox News reports bad year for ratings, fewer primetime viewers; CNN, MSNBC pick up the 'balance'.
  • The FBI has snagged a self-proclaimed prophet whose polymagous practices landed him a spot on their ten most wanted list

[With Rolling Stone]