All the News That Fits. . . Al Qaeda Internal Memo Leaked, Chavez Brags of White House Spies and More

  • Ban Ki-Moon, South Korea's foreign minister, takes the lead to succeed Kofi Annan as UN Secretary-General.
  • Citing the improbable threat of an American invasion, the Chavez administration is beefing up Venezuela's military in a manner that disconcerts the international savant of ill-concieved invasions, Donald Rumsfeld. Chavez says his White House spies speak of an active attempt to topple his regime.
  • Dissent among the enemy: Iraq's security advisor uncovers letter from bin Laden associate to al-Zarqaki, chastising the Iraqi terror leader for scaring Muslims away from their cause with overly violent, Shiite-directed tactics.
  • Across America, incomes static, yet housing costs rise, reports new census data.
  • As deadheat races nationwide barrel towards November 7th, independent organizations are shoveling record amounts of cash into district-level politics.
  • Polling ten points ahead of Lamont, Independent Lieberman says the Democratic Caucus has promised him seniority when he returns. Harry Reid denies the claim, delays decision until the post-election.