All About Ann

Here's the thing about Ann Coulter. I honestly don't believe she hates gay people. I think she hates John Edwards. In the same way people like Andrew Sullivan — who famously called Coulter "a drag queen impersonating a fascist" — hate her.

This is hardly the most outrageous or hateful thing this woman has done. Indeed that's her Shtick. She says outrageous hateful things, everyone on the other side of the aisle overreacts, in hopes of getting her column pulled from a newspaper or two. And it just drives her book sales.

I guess the controversy drives a lot of traffic to liberal websites too — this one included to judge from the comments the video of her speech inspired.

What I'm trying to say is that I'm sick of the a giant media circle-jerk that ensues everytime this carnival act opens her mouth. Enough already. Turn the other cheek. It might just hurt her Amazon rankings.