The Pothead Voters' Guide to the Presidential Candidates

A look at who's inhaled, and who'd support legal marijuana if elected in 2016

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Scott Walker

Scott Walker

"No. The wildest thing I did in college was have a beer." –Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, news conference, February 2015

At the second GOP debate, Walker espoused support for states' rights while also making the case that marijuana legalization conflicts with federal law in a problematic way.

"For me I think that should be a state issue, but I also think that you can't ignore the laws. And until the federal government changes the laws you don't get to pick and choose in a just society whether you enforce the laws or not," he said. 

Asked directly if he would "go after Colorado," Walker offered this meandering response:

"Well, I would enforce the law that was on the books no matter what it is. And again if we are going to change it, change it in the Congress. I believe it is a states' issue, so I don't have a problem changing it. I don't think marijuana is something that should be legalized. I've opposed it at my own state because law enforcement in both political parties have warned me that that's a gateway drug, they worry it would open the door to others out there. But to me, I still think that's something best handled at the state level. But the federal level, you've got to change the law. You don't just get to pick and choose what laws you enforce."

Basically: Enforce the federal law or change it.

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