65 Signs That 2013 Wasn't the Worst

There was lots to be sad about this year, but let's not forget the rays of light peeking through the clouds

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Franco Origlia/Getty Images6/12


Pope Francis: "Who Am I to Judge a Gay Person?"
In a refreshingly modern break from his Prada-wearing predecessor, the new pope has steered the Catholic church away from demonizing gays and lesbians – and turned to more Christ-like pursuits, like ministering to the indigent and the sick.

Solar-Powered Plane Completes Cross-Country Voyage
After a two-month voyage powered only by the sun, modern aviation pioneers Bertrand Piccard and André Borschberg completed a transcontinental, San Francisco-to-New York voyage in the experimental plane, Solar Impulse.

New Hampshire Okays Medical Marijuana;Vermont Decriminalizes
In a pair of victories in neighboring states, New Hampshire became the 19th state to legalize medical cannabis, while Vermont became the 15th state to remove criminal penalties for simple possession.

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