2015: The Year Obama Stopped Giving Any F--ks
"I have no more campaigns to run," President Obama said during his State of the Union address in January. "I know because I won both of them." Saul Leob/Getty

There are some on the fringes of American society who have long believed President Obama isn't the person he purports to be. And, in at least one way, they're correct: Until now, Obama has presented himself as someone who can at least sorta-kinda deal with bullshit, as it is his job to do.

But 2015 was the year Obama dropped the pretense. It was the year he openly bashed birthers, and skewered whiney Republicans in a harsher way than ever before. He also showed he's gotten even more comfortable making bold moves, to hell with what his critics say (and his critics, as always, had plenty to say).

Here are some highlights from the year of DGAF Obama.