Watch Psy Play Baby, Old Man in Wacky 'Daddy' Video

South Korean singer enlists 2NE1's CL for viral-friendly dance moves in bizarre clip

"Gangnam Style" singer PSY plays a baby and old man in his goofy clip for "Daddy"

South Korean singer Psy broke the Internet in 2012 with his over-the-top "Gangnam Style" video, which reached over 2 billion YouTube views. Since then, he's attempted to re-capture lightning in a bottle with videos for singles like "Gentleman" and "Hangover," the latter a duet with Snoop Dogg. Now the K-pop goofball is back with "Daddy," another slab of brash, synth-heavy K-pop and a video filled with outlandish costume changes and dance moves.

"Where'd you get that body from?" asks 2NE1 singer CL, with Psy answering in an auto-tuned chorus, "I got it from my daddy." The clip begins with Psy's birth, his face digitally superimposed on a baby's, and only gets more ridiculous from there.

The viral star appears as both a pubescent boy and an old man, as a generation of Psys dance around a living room. He does sit-ups, shows off a gold grill and randomly appears on a toilet. The rapped-sung vocal delivery is in line with his previous singles, filled with silly lyrics like "I feel nice, you like nice" and "You be my curry, I'll be your rice."