Rilo Kiley's Demise Brings an 'Emotional' Farewell - Premiere

Video from rarities compilation inspired by late comedian Bill Hicks

Rilo Kiley's Demise Brings an 'Emotional' Farewell - Premiere

"Emotional" is the latest video from Rilo Kiley's recent rarities compilation, RKives. In keeping with frontwoman Jenny Lewis' expressive lyrics, the clip runs a gamut of feelings, from laughter to anguish, by incorporating vintage black-and-white footage from the 1950s and Sixties.

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"The video makes me think of the way Bill Hicks would often end his act by saying 'The world is like a ride at an amusement park,'" says the video's director, Morgan Nagler's brother (who goes by the name Morgan's Brother). "When I originally cut the video, I put footage of Hicks performing that quote with half of it before the vid and the other half after."

"Emotional" is one of a number of high points on RKives, which collects unreleased material, outtakes and B-sides from the defunct Los Angeles quartet's decade-long run. The album – the first release from the band since its 2007 major label farewell, Under the Blacklight – was issued on April 2nd through Little Record Company, a label run by the band's bassist, Pierre DeReeder.