KOAN Sound 'Funk Blaster'

Clip for 'Funk Blaster' from the group's recent EP

KOAN Sound 'Funk Blaster'
Credit: Rolling Stone

The title track for British dubstep group KOAN Sound's recent EP Funk Blaster has an appropriately futuristic video, complete with a Transformer-like robot. KOAN Sound's Jim Bastow explains "the concept of this video was to create a sci-fi but colorful landscape to compliment the feel of the track. To do this we asked director Scott Pagano to design a robot-like character to represent the 'Funk Blaster,' and to construct a futuristic setting to house it in."

Just as making cutting edge music is important to KOAN Sound, they wanted their video to have a similar feel. "Most importantly though, we had wanted to come up with a video that was innovative and cutting edge, and really present something that people had never seen before," Bastow says.