Jim James Opens Doors in 'A New Life'

A strange world of backup dancers and buffalo-women awaits

"Hey, open the door / I want a new life," goes the refrain to Jim James' "A New Life," a cut from the My Morning Jacket frontman's new solo effort Regions of Light and Sound of God. It's a strong but simple statement, and the new video for the song starts fittingly with James plucking  a guitar in an empty room, before he throws on a jacket, grabs his six-string and opens a door. Cue the surreal: James emerges in a desert where he engages – with the help of some spiffy backup dancers – in a song-and-dance routine with a woman donning a giant buffalo head as the song continues to build. Bizarre sure, but as the horns start to swell at the end, the video comes to a sweet, and even somewhat sensible, close.