Hands-On: Watch Two Hours With 'Metal Gear Survive' Solo, Co-Op

Intriguing, online-only play outweighed by a lot of walking around

Hands-On: Watch Two Hours With 'Metal Gear Survive' Solo, Co-Op

Metal Gear Survive is an odd offshoot of Hideo Kojima's beloved franchise, an experience stripped of the nuanced story-telling in exchange for the ability to seemingly, endlessly play against the ever encroaching horde of zombie-like infected.

In a half-day play session earlier this month that gave Glixel time with both the game's single-player mode and cooperative maps, I had a chance to get a sense of what was good and what wasn't about the game. The story-light single-player aspect of the game drops you back into the world of Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes following the Big Boss' escape. You play a soldier who barely escapes being sucked into a wormhole that opens above Mother Base. It's six months later and you're tasked with rescuing those pulled into the wormhole and to find a cure for a mysterious infection.

The game is survival action with play taking place in an alternate universe that is peopled with infected creatures that shatter like glass when you damage them enough. My hours with the game consisted mostly of fetch quests that had me scavenging for materials while also seeking quest items key to the game's story. In the video above, you can get a sense of moment-to-moment gameplay is like. While combat and evasion are the chief elements of the game, you also have to keep a close eye on your soldier's hunger, thirst and, in certain areas, oxygen levels.

Below you'll find a number of new screenshots from the game topped with some gameplay from a more complex single-player mission as well as the cooperative experience. I found the game's coop to be more exciting and fun than the single-player, because there was a stronger sense of loss or victory depending on the outcome. The campaign's story, what there was of it, just didn't feel compelling to me and the need to watch your stats and replenish over longer periods of time became a drag. While this need to manage hunger and thirst exists in the cooperative maps, if you prepare before going into a match, it's not usually an issue. If you don't and you enter hungry or thirsty, it essentially ruins the experience.

The team demonstrating the game also noted that it will require an internet connection at all times to play, both for co-op and single-player. This is because, they said, the game needs the connection to deliver daily, weekly and special event Orders in single player and co-op.

A beta for the game on PS4 and Xbox One runs from January 18th to January 22nd.