Electrospective: Richie Hawtin, John Acquaviva and John Fox on the State of EDM - Premiere

DJs discuss modern dance in new campaign

EMI Music recently launched their Electrospective campaign, which celebrates the entire history of electronic music and brings together some of the EDM community's biggest names. Back in October, they also released two catalog compilations featuring tracks from Brian Eno, Gorillaz and more. They've also developed a new series called "DJ Takes: Electronic Music in the U.S.," which examines EDM's recent rise in America.

In this exclusive clip, you can watch the English DJ Richie Hawtin discuss the electro craze's Nineties beginnings and how the Internet pushed it over the top. DJ John Acquaviva also talks about the pitfalls of having an "iconic scene" moment (i.e. Saturday Night Fever). Former Ultravox singer John Fox chats on Skrillex, whom he says "seems to embody the very young side of that movement. It's like Bart Simpson got a computer and it's like a comic book version of all the electronic music that's come before it with a non-prejudiced choice, which is what I like about it. It's fresh."