Das Racist 'Michael Jackson' on 'Conan'

Hip-hop trio perform 'Michael Jackson' on 'Conan'

Matthew Trammell

Hip-hop's favorite multimedia art project, Das Racist, made its television debut last night on Conan. The New York trio performed their spastic, viral hit, "Michael Jackson," and ran a clinic in meticulously rehearsed chaos – their set featured self-censoring bleep buttons, girls banging on cymbals, a branded pulpit and a deconstructive dance-break featuring a Michael Jackson impersonator. Hypeman Dapwell ad-libbed through a distorting voice box as rappers Heems and Kool A.D. pounded out samples on MPCs and rhymed with the mystifying apathy that the crew has grown infamous for. After the performance aired, befuddled viewers unfamiliar with DR's brand of humor took to Twitter to punctuate the moment: "Does Das Racist have a purpose and im just not getting it?" one user asked. Mission accomplished. 

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