††† (Crosses) Conjure Up Ghosts in 'Bi†ches Brew'

Check out the spooky new video from Chino Moreno's band

Director Raul Gonzo

In ††† (Crosses) new video for "Bi†ches Brew," the band combines spooky visuals with the electro-tinged doom-rock track, as the warped black-and-white visual nods to classic horror films. The video is centered around a four-post bed where girls in matching babydoll dresses gather as a ghost arises from the sheets, hands creep through the striped wall paper, and the band — consisting of Deftones singer Chino Moreno, Far guitarist Shaun Lopez and Chuck Doom — emerge as flickering silhouettes. The climax comes towards the end of the video; if the buckets of water brought to the bed don’t give it away, the lyrics will.

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"Visuals have been an important aspect of  ††† since the beginning, so when making our first video, we wanted to make sure it held up,” Lopez tells Rolling Stone. “When I first spoke to the director Raul Gonzo about some ideas for the video, I knew he'd be the creative partner we needed. I think the end result represents us and the music very well."

The band's self-titled album is out February 11th on Sumerian Records.