Stephen Malkmus: My Life in 15 Songs

The former Pavement frontman and current leader of the Jicks looks back on a quarter-century of indie-rock genius

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"Carrot Rope"

Terror Twilight, 1999

Some people might say that “Carrot Rope” is a rather odd way for Pavement to leave the Earth. Terror Twilight had a lot of interesting arguments about sequencing. In the end, one of the members of the band won out, and "Spit on a Stranger" went first and it was front-loaded. And one of the guys that wasn't in the band that worked on it a lot wasn't into that order, and he was right probably, but he wasn't in the band, so….Anyway, I have no idea what's going on with that song. Just completely absurd. Almost like a show tune.

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