Rick Ross feat. Nicki Minaj: "You the Boss"

Bitches aren't the only things that Rick Ross loves. For one thing, there's alliteration: "Bottles, Beamers, brandnew Benzes/Barbies, ballerinas and Britneys/Barbra Streisand-edition Bentleys." (One might add booming beats and boasts as big as that beard.) The first of two singles from the Miami MC's fifth solo album – God Forgives, I Don't, due out December 13th – is topnotch Ross, with the rapper delivering a torrent of witty brags (about everything from his sexploits to his taste for lobster bisque) over a chipmunk soul beat from Just Blaze. By comparison, Ross' second new track, "You the Boss," is a dud: a pro forma foray into bedroom rap, with some extremely annoying Auto-Tuned warbling from Ms. Minaj. Ross being Ross, romance gets conflated with finance – his real true love: "All I fiend is a queen in my presence/I can hold her until I die/ Couple G's in my bezel."

Listen to "You the Boss":

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