The Beach Boys: "That's Why God Made The Radio"

"I just wasn't made for these times," sang Brian Wilson on a recent episode of Mad Men, soundtracking Roger Sterling's old-school LSD trip. And so remains the master songsmith on this single – the title track of a forthcoming reunion LP with surviving Beach Boys Mike Love and Al Jardine – which sounds beamed in from a parallel universe where the calendar stopped around 1965. "Tuning in the latest star/From the dashboard of my car/Cruising at seven/Push-button heaven," keen the vets over vintage mid-tempo West Coast surf-pop, voices remarkably intact, criss-crossing like skyrockets during the title-chanting harmony cascade at the end. Kinda cosmic, sorta corny, undeniably beautiful.

Listen to the Beach Boys' "That's Why God Made The Radio":

The Beach Boys Preview Their First New Song in Two Decades