Radiohead: "Skirting on the Surface (Live)"

Radiohead have been peppering the set lists on their latest arena tour with some new works in progress – prime hunks of red meat for fans left ravenous by last year's all-too-brief The King of Limbs. One highlight, "Identikit," is a sly siren song: "When I see you messing me around, I don't want to know," Thom Yorke warns, nimbly weaving his falsetto around twin drummers Phil Selway and Clive Deamer's hiccupping patterns. "Skirting on the Surface," known to hardcore fans from Yorke's 2009 Atoms for Peace tour, is even better – a spooky semi-acoustic ballad with a juicy low end, like a paranoid android that knows how to move on the dance floor. Both tunes feel warmer and easier to love than much of King of Limbs. Can't wait to see how they mutate and bloom when Radiohead get back to a studio.

Listen to "Skirting on the Surface (Live)":

Radiohead Debut Two New Songs in Miami