Courtney Love: "Skinny Little Bitch"

The Nineties are so hot right now, it's no surprise that Courtney Love is staggering back to the spotlight with a 'Get off my lawn' rant aimed at younger rock chicks. 'Skinny Little Bitch' is so 1996 it hurts — Courtney tries to replicate Garbage circa 'Stupid Girl,' with the rhythm section lurching like Nirvana's 'Dive' and a melody nicked from Sonny and Cher's 'The Beat Goes On.' Her voice is wobbly, but she holds it together for this two-chord stomp. The new version of Hole isn't much of an upgrade over the last one — despite all the fanfare over hotshot guitarist Micko Larkin, he's barely audible here. It's all Courtney, slurring 'I could kick your scrawny ass' at a rival who's a 'nasty piece of work.' Her put-downs might be lame, but at least they're comprehensible. From Courtney Love, that's quite a feat.