Prince: "Screwdriver"

Posted on Prince's bare-bones website, this catchy nugget was leaked through the Twitter account @3rdEyeGirl. That may be the name of the Purp's new all-female backing band, and the song may signal a forthcoming album. Or not. If the dude's marketing techniques remain baffling, "Screwdriver" is anything but: It's horny shout-along metaphor – "I'm your driver, you're my screw!" – in a New Wave blues-rock cocktail, with a dash of "Raspberry Beret," some lascivious synths and a scalding guitar-solo fragment, presumably from the man himself. It also offers two old-school brags, both true: "Music never lies" and "People pay money for the rock & roll." As teases go, pretty damn satisfying.

Listen to "Screwdriver":