Frank Ocean: "Pyramids"

It begins in an Ancient Egypt straight out of a doofy prog-rock epic, complete with cheetahs, serpents, "Samson and his full head of hair" – Samson? In Egypt? – and "black queen Cleopatra." It ends up in a titty bar called "The Pyramid" where a stripper named, you guessed it, Cleopatra stalks the stage. In between there are groaning club beats, psychedelic guitar noodling, and lots of vague new-R&B angst. It's never boring – a feat for a song that clocks in at just under 10 minutes. And Ocean's haunted croon has a way of turning the ridiculous into the sublime. But the Odd Future singer may have read too many blogs hailing him as a genius. It's a short trip indeed from Ocean's Pyramids to Spinal Tap's Stonehenge.

Listen to Frank Ocean's "Pyramids":

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