The Rolling Stones: "Plundered My Soul"

The whole idea of an unreleased tune from the Exile on Main Street sessions is like hearing somebody dug up video footage of Jesus skateboarding. The Stones have always been circumspect to a fault when it comes to digging around in their vaults — even their Rarities 1971-2003 compilation offered barely a scrap that fans didn't already own. But "Plundered My Soul" is an intact song, a relatively together Exile outtake that chugs along in the torn-and-frayed R&B mode of "Tumbling Dice" or "Soul Survivor," with heavily refurbished production and overdubs. Mick Jagger's vocal is brand-new, but that lyric is extremely 1972, as he moans, "I do miss your quick repartee," over guitars you could catch dysentery from. In other words, this is the real deal. Hit the halfpipe, Jesus.