Kitty Pryde: "Okay Cupid"

High school-age mall employee and avowed Justin Bieber obsessive Kitty Pryde is this millisecond's internet-rap brush fire. But the Floridian's debut single is arresting well beyond its novelty appeal. Over a sumptuously screwed beat from Lil B and A$AP Rocky producer Beautiful Lou, she floats a drowsy, giggly love letter to her cigarette-breathed, drunk-dialing boyfriend ("you got my simpin' and singin' the Frank Ocean"), mixing adorkable lines about writing his name on her binder with asides about being cool with his recreational cocaine use. It's a balance of sugar and danger that goes back to the Shangri-Las. Though that sidelong "It's My Party" reference suggests she's more a Leslie Gore girl.

Listen to Kitty Pryde's "Okay Cupid":

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