Nine Inch Nails: "My Violent Heart"

This bite of fight from Year Zero, Nine Inch Nails' forthcoming concept album about an America under far-right tyranny, opens with mastermind Trent Reznor turning his usual self-loathing the other way around: "You and I, we may look the same/But we are very far apart/There's bullet holes where my compassion used to be/And there is violence in my heart." There is plenty of vintage NIN scorch in this music, too: distorted, goose-stepping percussion; vicious spikes of what sounds like electronically manipulated guitar; Reznor barking like a prison commandant through a wall of razor wire. The future may suck, but Reznor at least makes it fun with this mad mix of The Fragile's fuzz-crusted swagger and the howl-of-the-damned hooks of Pretty Hate Machine.