The Black Keys: "Lonely Boy"

The first single from the Black Keys' El Camino (due out December 6th) moves like the album's vintage Chevy namesake – a swift, sturdy hunk of all-American cool. On last year's Brothers, the duo tightened up their stadium-blues attack and took home a few Grammys. Now they're pushing that badass sound to even faster speeds. Drummer Patrick Carney pounds out a hammer-of-the-gods backbeat while singer-guitarist Dan Auerbach peels off lean riffs and wails about a twisted affair ("You pull my heart out, and I don't mind bleeding"), sounding like he's practically frothing at the mouth. Frustrated desire is the song's ostensible theme – "I got a love that keeps me waiting," Auerbach gripes – but for Keys fans, this is a clean hit of instant gratification.

Watch the video for "Lonely Boy":

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