Wilco: "I Might"

For their first release since leaving the major label game and hanging their own shingle (what took so long?), Wilco deliver a seven-inch single that sounds like it was knocked out by a garage band, albeit a knowing one. "It's alright/You won't set the kids on fire/Oh I might," sings Jeff Tweedy, like he's having a late night talk to the mirror after some teenagers yelled "Dad rocker!" at him outside the mini-mart. Mikael Jorgensen adds some nasty-sounding Farfisa organ, guitarist Nels Cline spits riffs like he's having a seizure. Then everyone gets pretty on the chorus, because, well, they can. The B-side is a cheeky cover of Nick Lowe's "I Love My Label," in case you missed the subtext. Freedom is good.

Listen to "I Might":

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