T.I. feat. Keri Hilson: "Got Your Back"

If T.I. left prison and went straight to the 'musement park, got on a rollercoaster with Keri Hilson, and afterwards they ran into DJ Toomp at the caramel apple stand, and all went into the karaoke tent to commandeer the machine and record the spontaneous feeling of that moment, it'd sound like "Got Your Back." T.I. tells "shoady" how to act while her man's locked up, while Keri equates looking "good" with looking "hood" as she pledges her allegiance. Toomp's digitally-lit pop track has hip-hop cranks and, best of all, a loony fairground organ loop. Late in the song, clearly a couple caramel apples into the first night of the rest of his life, T.I., fiddling with the plug-ins, decides, yes, to sing a bit in Auto-Tune. T.I.-Pain? Whatever you call him, just make sure you stay waiting by the phone next time he gets locked up.