Wild Flag: "Glass Tambourine"

You might expect the first studio leak from this group of well-established indie rockers to be one part aggro-daydream (Helium frontwoman Mary Timony) to two parts rocket thrust (Sleater-Kinney's Carrie Brownstein and Janet Weiss) with a taste of garage-pop sugar (the Minders' keyboardist Rebecca Cole). Actually, "Glass Tambourine" — half of a seven-inch vinyl single due out on Record Store Day, April 16th — sounds like some wicked 1960s acid-rock yard-sale discovery, with Timony urging, "Listen to the music . . . before it passes you by." Then, Wild Flag launch into a ferocious closing guitar jam that's two parts Stooges, one part early Pink Floyd. Psych!

Listen to "Glass Tambourine":

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