Radiohead: "Full Stop" (live version)

Radiohead have been rolling out fascinating new material throughout their current tour – from the funeral-parlor soul ballad "Cut a Hole" to "Identikit," which suspended one of Thom Yorke's more athletic panic-attack falsetto freakouts over high-def funk burbles. The enthusiasm for this stuff among Radiohead fans is so intense that lyrics and guitar tabs for the most recent new offering, "Full Stop," were auctioned on eBay in March – three months before the band debuted the track on June 10th in Chicago. Like all their recent material, the song shows them continuing to futz brilliantly with the foreboding, groove-driven sound of last year's The King of Limbs: Over a percolating beat and jarringly pretty, dawn-on-Hoth keyboard ghostliness, Yorke repeats, "The truth will mess you up," sort of like HAL 9000 with a new gig as the world's least helpful psychiatrist.

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