Eminem: "Fly Away"

Why wasn't this fiery rant included on Eminem's last album? Unlike recent smashes "Not Afraid" and "Love the Way You Lie," this newly surfaced track (which didn't make the cut for Recovery) comes without any high concept — just Eminem spewing fantastic bile for five minutes. "I took a hiatus, haters, now I'm back to cause trouble/Got the fuckin' shape of mushroom clouds for thought bubbles," he fumes over producer Just Blaze's martial drum rolls and spare piano line. This is nu-Em at his finest, stone-cold sober but drunk on the sound of his own words. He's got his sense of humor back, too, livening up his vicious verses with a few decent scatological gags and a Brett Favre punch line. Even a flat-toned chorus sung by Blaze can't disrupt Eminem's focus. Just imagine how huge this could have been with a real hooksmith like Drake or Kid Cudi on the assist.