Vampire Weekend: "Diane Young"

This preview of Vampire Weekend's forthcoming third album, Modern Vampires of the City (due May 7th), roars and clatters like a souped-up jalopy, with a cyber-sock-hop groove, surf-guitar outbursts, hand claps and Ezra Koenig's giddily hiccuping vocals, which pitch-shift from Elvis to Michael Jackson to EDM chipmunk. If you were the bookish type, you just might read it as a meta-critique of pop stardom and its dark underbelly; at one point, Koenig creepily suggests, "You got the luck of a Kennedy/So grab the wheel." ("Diane Young" = dyin' young, get it?)  At the same time, the song simply rocks up a storm, in a distinctly VW kind of way. Sounds like a band that still has plenty left to prove.