Beyonce: "Best Thing I Never Had"

"You showed your ass, and baby, I saw the real you," Beyoncé sings with monsoon fury on her new single, giving the Real Housewives of R&B the perfect pinot-grigio-powered bomb to drop before sending a 9-iron through his windshield. "Best Thing" is a welcome blast of sass after the niceties of "1 + 1." Co-written by Babyface, its balladic surge promises sunshine and unicorns, but B turns it on its ear with man-strafing soul venom; she even yanks the line "sucks to be you right now" from the bottom of the Kelly Clarkson/Katy Perry castoff pile and makes it breathe fire.

Listen to Beyoncé's "Best Thing I Never Has":

Photos: Beyoncé and Jay-Z, Hip-Hop Royalty