Hear Steve Aoki Energize David Guetta's 'Dangerous'

"I wanted to challenge myself a lot and move out of my comfort zone," DJ says of the new single

David Guetta says he wanted to explore "more emotional" sounds on his next LP, 'Listen.' Credit: Ellen Von Unwerth

David Guetta's next album, Listen, opens with the sound of a piano. Eventually, a drum kit provides the opening track, "Dangerous," with a crisp beat, and the guitar and bass lock into a disco-funk groove; a few minutes later, a string section brings it all to a close. "I wanted to challenge myself a lot and move out of my comfort zone," the DJ tells Rolling Stone, explaining the origin of this "more emotional" song and LP. "That's why I started with 'Dangerous': It's very electronic, kind of on the French-Dutch vibe, but it's also using a classical music orchestra and acoustic sounds."

Before releasing the song as a single, however, Guetta recruited a handful of other DJs to create edits more suitable for club play. "I made a remix myself and also had other producers remix it," he says, "because its more about the tempo – it's downtempo for the kind of music I play."

Below, hear Steve Aoki's energized take, a four-and-a-half minute remix that kicks in right away, building up to a drop that occurs a minute and a half later. A marching band drum pattern replaces the closing strings.

Listen will be released November 24th on Atlantic/Parlophone and can be pre-ordered here.