Weekend Rock Question: What Is the Best George Martin-Produced Album?

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Credit: Solo/Zuma

Producer George Martin passed away at age 90 earlier this week. Over the course of his lengthy, lauded career, he worked with a diverse array of artists, ranging from Cheap Trick to Celine Dion. His legacy lies in his body of work with the Beatles, with Martin known as the "Fifth Beatle" for producing many of the group's most classic albums.

Now we have a question or you: What is the best George Martin-produced album? Any full body of work by an artist that he produced will count. That includes Beatles classics like Rubber Soul and Abbey Road; solo Beatles releases like Ringo Starr's Sentimental Journey or Paul McCartney's Tug of War; or it can come from the wide range of non-Beatles albums Martin worked on, like Cheap Trick's All Shook Up or America's Hearts. Vote for any of the albums he produced, but please only vote once and only for a single selection.

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