Watch Alessia Cara's Poignant 'Seventeen' Video

Canadian singer spends a literal lifetime on bus in new clip for 'Know-It-All' opener

Alessia Cara rolls through different phases of her life on the bus in the poignant new video for "Seventeen."

Alessia Cara takes the bus ride of her life in the new video for "Seventeen," the opener from her 2015 album, Know-It-All.

The clip begins with a younger version of the Canadian singer taking an empty seat on the bus with her father, who places a ring on her pinky finger. But after a moment, the camera pans away and when it returns Cara is a teenager. This time-jump trick keeps up throughout the video as Cara continues to sing "Seventeen" throughout the various phases of her life. 

At one point, Cara holds a Grammy, then a toddler, who becomes a sullen teen, until finally an elderly Cara sits and twists the ring still on her pinky finger. As the clip ends, Cara reverts back to her 17-year-old self, but stares out the window in a Graduate-esque moment mixed with some extra teen spirit. 

Since Know-It-All arrived last year, Cara has remained busy, recently recording a version of "How Far I'll Go," which appears in the Disney film Moana and was written by Lin-Manuel Miranda. Cara has also made guest appearances on a handful of songs this year, including JoJo's "I Can Only" and frequent collaborator Sebastian Kole's "Remember Home."