VMAs Wrap-Up: Kanye's Tantrum, Kid Rock's Punch, Timberlake's Pleas

This year's official MTV VMAs broadcast may have been baffling and disorganized (check out Rob Sheffield's live blog for a moment-by-moment analysis of the suck and click here for the night in photos) but it turns out that's just because all the crazy shit was happening backstage and/or elsewhere. Here's a brief run-down of the best post-VMA gossip and news:
• According to a post on Britney fansite BreatheHeavy.com, the pop princess almost refused to go onstage after she heard Sarah Silverman rehearsing her monologue in which, among other things, the comic called Spears' kids the "most adorable mistakes" ever. According to the site, MTV asked Silverman to skip this joke, but once she was out there she went for it anyway.
• Pamela Anderson wasn't just surprisingly appealing as a presenter, she was also the likely cause of the night's big brawl. According to TMZ, Las Vegas police were searching for Kid Rock after he supposedly "clocked" Tommy Lee, who was apparently provoking him. Both men were escorted out of the Palm's Hotel and Casino by security, leading to about a hundred VMA jokes about how rock stars are just as violent as hip-hop artists. Kid Rock was eventually located by police, questioned and released.
• Last night Kanye West lost in all five of the categories in which he was nominated. This did not please him. "That's two years in a row, man ... give a black man a chance," West said during a mini post-show meltdown. "I'm trying hard man, I have the ... number-one record, man." Last year, in a more impressive display of disappointment, West rushed the stage at the MTV Europe awards after Justice vs Simian beat him in the best video category.
• West was also pissed he didn't get to perform on the main stage, a source tells MTV News. While watching the (snore of a) closing performance featuring Justin Timberlake, Timbaland, and Nelly Furtado, West reportedly started feeling miffed. "He started asking anyone who'd listen why he wasn't allowed to perform on the main stage," a backstage source said. "'Why did I perform in just a suite?' he was saying. 'Justin's my boy, but even he gets to perform in both a suite and on the main stage? Something's wrong here.' " West's final outrage-fueled promise: Never to return to MTV.
• As those of you who subjected yourself to the live broadcast know, Timberlake acted like the elder statesman of pop last night, discussing how old he feels, praising young up-and-comers (JT is twenty-six) and begging MTV to play more videos. "Play more damn videos. We don't want to see the Simpsons on reality television," the former boy bander said. "Play more videos."
• 50 Cen fans can't follow directions. During a performance by the rapper held Saturday night at the Hard Rock, Fifty repeatedly warned fans to back away from his set after a mad rush to collect the cash he was throwing around resulted in stage lights dangling dangerously close to the pool, AP reports."Back up," the rapper yelled. "You're going to get electrocuted." When the crowd refused, Fifty ended the show early in an attempt to avoid a massive lawsuit.