Vegas Odds Say Norah, Bruce

Bookies rate the stars' Grammy chances

There may actually be a little excitement at this year's Grammys, to be held February 23rd in New York. For once, it's up for grabs.

"We have Bruce, Eminem and Norah -- everybody else is out of it," says Tom O'Neil, author of The Grammys. Using a team of music pundits and Vegas oddsmakers America's Line, O'Neil has come up with this (unofficial) Grammy forecast:

Record of the Year

Analysis: "A young, serious female is a constant," says O'Neil of Jones, pointing to past winners Alicia Keys and Lauryn Hill. "They always win one top category."

Album of the Year

The Rising
The Eminem Show
Come Away With Me

Analysis: "This is for the veteran rockers," says O'Neil of Springsteen. "It is seen as a career award." See also: Santana, Eric Clapton, Tony Bennett.

Song of the Year

Analysis: "Are voters going to split on two 9/11 songs [Jackson and Springsteen]?" O'Neil wonders. But he feels Bruce is the "consistent" choice.

Best New Artist

Analysis: "A runaway" is how O'Neil describes Jones' prospects. "She has the artistic talent, the sexiness and the cool factor. It's the perfect time for her."